Sunday, February 14, 2010

5 week update and another area again plus a new comp!

Jan 11

hello one, hello all! song of the week is...i don't have one because our greatest investigator barrowed my hymn book and i have forgotten the name of the one i had in my brain...the chorus says..never, never, never from thee let us stray, ever, ever, ever to thee will we pray...or something like that.
anywhoooo this week was a tad uneventful....we got to go to the temple on wednesday which was probably the best thing ever. i love the temple. in the celestial room there were these little moments when no one was talking or moving around...just..................silence........... oh it was so glorious, everytime i go to the temple i think...i want to just stay here and live here and then i think, day i will :) how awesome. afterward we got to walk around the grounds and take some photogs..i got some really cool ones of the angel moroni. good times. we also watched mountain of our lord with one of the less actives we're working with...that's a really great show if you've never seen it. do. watching shows liek that make me feel so so wimpy haha. the pioneers did some amazing things like build this outrageous temple by hand and preach the gospel without "preach my gospel" or the mtc. it's also a blessing that we don't have to do those things. temples can be erected in a matter of months now and us missionaries are being better prepared to fight against the adversary and preach to people specifically who are prepared to hear the message. but i always feel very humbled when i see the stories of the pioneers. well this week was pretty boring haha i know i say that every week but's true. this week we are doing exchanges which should be a lot of fun. one of the girls i was roommates with in fontana is coming up to my area with me. a good thing cuz i like her, a bad thing because i don't know the area very well still and i think the ap's are crazy for leaving me here by myself! we also get to go to the zone leader and district leader conference that should be way fun. i don't know why they invited the sisters but they did and i'm stoked, it should be good. christine's baptism is also this exciting! she's just eating everytnig up and guaranteed when she's baptized her husband will start taking the lessons, and then he will be baptized and then when their girls get older they will both be baptized and then gabby will serve a mission some day and they will both get married in the temple and they will raise their kids in the church and they will go on missions and then look at what an amazing impact the gospel will make. oh it's so great. in helaman3:29-30 it says that if we lay hold upon the word of God that we will end up in God's kingdom and sit with Abraham and Isaac and so on and so forth. what an amazing promise! the path is laid out in front of us if we can but hold onto the words of God himself we will be lead effortlessly to His side. not saying the path is effortless, but He will lead us effortlessly. the problems arise when we fight against His guidance. we're so blessed to have this gospel in our lives. we are so much more blessed when we can share it with others. oh boy...ok i'm done. well that's all i have to share today. things are good, we're working hard not hardly working and Heavenly Father is blessing us. Next week is Martin Luther King Jr. day and the library will be closed so i won't be abel to respond to any emails...also we will get transfer calls on saturday so i won't be able to email you and tell you whether i will be transferred or not. i'm pretty sure sister house will be but i don't know about me. you can write me or just wait for me to be able to respond the week after that haha. i will write you all and let you know the result of transferrs and such on tuesday. i love you all so much thank for all your support and love...i hope you have a fantastic week!! till next time! love sister molly

***Molly was transfered so we did not get to hear from her the 18th

Jan 25th

ok i have like no no time right now. i was transferred as you all have heard already...sister house and i went from apple valley to san b. we gained a companion, sister liston who is actually from utah and skated at the rec center for some time. she's really cool i love having her around and she's an amazing misisonary...i will learn a lot from her. it has poured and poured and poured rain this week and finally stopped on saturday! it was good to see the sun. it started monday in apple valley and continued when we got to the new area...we're white washing this area and i don't think there have been sisters serving in the san b zone for 10 plus years! crazy!! we are living with a little old lady named sister adams in devore which is part of our area...she's an amazing lady. her and her husband served as mission president in spain..i don't remember the mission but she said it wasn't dad's mission and it was after dad's time as a missionary...her husband has passed away and everyone in the mission was telling us..oh you get to live with sister adams! that's the best place in the whole mission to live!! i'm so jealous...sister sanchez said when you walk into sister adam's home the spirit is just THER. and it is sooo true. she's cool, she said we could drink her milk and use her bread and eggs and laundry detergent and she's just the best. we've had some really amazing conversations with her. she's just cool i love her already and it hasn't even been a whole week! things are going well here so was hard to work last week because of the torrential rain and i'm not even exaggerating it was ridiculous. but now that we've been to ward council once and the rain has stopped things are very hopeful...there is a lot of improvement to be had but the ward is good and everyone in the are even sisters not in our ward are excited to have sisters, so things should be pretty good as far as working with the memebers goes...we'll just have to see though. i'm really excited to be in this are, it should be a lot of fun. we're living in devore which is kind of in the mountains and friday we even got a little snow!! it didn't stick of course but it snowed pretty hard for a good two hours...the house we live in is pretty big and sister adams conserves as most smart people do so it's pretty cold most of the time in her house so my snuggly blanket is coming in handy! :) well i don't know her address at the time ori might consider giving it to you and i really have to go...that' pretty much all that happened this week....rain rain go away come again another day, that's my song of the week. ok i gott a go i love you all so much muah muah mauh take care of your missionaries please! loves! sister molly


song of the week. joseph smith's first prayer to the tune of oh my father...really cool mash up.
so i hope everyone is doing well this week. i'm glad to report that my companions and i are doing fantastically. these weeks are flying is the beginning of week 3 in the transfer....i caNNOT believe it!!!!! AH! anyway...this week was zone conference and oh man...i love zone conference...last transfer i didn't love it so much because i felt like i was being buried with a huge burden of things i wasn't doing correctly. this time it was so inspiring and just ah, it was aweosme. after we had zone conference we sat and just revised all our transfer goals to meet the things we talked about that morning...the spirit was so strong during the meeting and while we were planning...i can just tell that this transfer is going to be awsome. sister liston is so great i'm so happy she was added to our already awesome companionship. she is just so motivated and wants to be better all the time. she is such an awesome exmple to myself i know that i will be able to learn so much from her. we get along so well and we think so much alike sometimes it's cool. i love sister house too..sister liston is just new to me haha. so all is well in the neighborhood. we're living at the best place in the mission to live...we were told that by multiple elders before we got here and they were ALL right. sister adams is the most amazing person i think i've ever met in my enitre life. she lets us eat all her food and she is always taking care of us and she's so patient as we pick her brain for these deep doctrinal questions that plague us all. it's so aweomse to be able to sit and talk wiht her about things, she's so smart! yesterday was an awsome sunday packed with the spirit! love those days right? i had to speak in church and because we as a companionship decided to focus with this ward on love and caring and the love of Heavenly Father that's what i decided to talk on. "coincidentally" that's what the other two speakers spoke on as well. i really know Heavenly Father is leading us in the work and in this ward and think that He really does want the ward to focus on His love and how we can effect other's with His love. it's so amazing. i had several confirmations yesterday that we are at the Lord's work and He IS guiding it and that we can be and do anything with this help.  there was a lesson that we taught in my first area and it made me fall IN LOVE with being a missionary and yesterday just did it again. i love being here...i want time to slow down so i can spend more time doing this! everyone told me to wait until my fourth transfer out and then time would fly but they were all so dead wrong, it happened last transfer and it's happeneing again this transfer!! ah!! i don't want it to be february because after february is march and in march i turn 22 and after march is april and i will have been out SIX MONTHS!!! ah...i wish i could have joshua here to stop the sun for me. oh well. i guess i'll live....just ahve to work extra hard to make sure i've done everything i can right? well. missionary work is awesome...Heavenly Father DOES love each of us...he knows and cares about what you're doing right this second. and He just asks that we share that amazing and infinite love with others. it's so simple. when we share that love with others we will feel it more prominantly in our own lives and the cycle will continue until we are lucky enough to be called back to Him....what an astoundingly beautiful plan don't you think? whew. we are so blessed.  well i have to be going....i love you all so much you are the best.  have a good week! love sister molly

Feb 8

hey haha jk jk- so how the heck is everyone?! i hope all is well.  this week was pretty good. a little on the unproductive least in the obvious kind of productiveness..if that makes sense?? i don't have song of the week this week...i'm giviing that up haha we sing a lot of the same songs so if i ever have one stuck in my head or anything i'll let you know. i just want to say first of all that i love being a's the greatest thing ever. how lucky and blessed am i that on my preparation day i can sit down and watch a movie..about the gospel! how often did i do that when i was home...oh like  NEVER. maybe i've said this before...sometimes i feel like a broken record but if there is one thing i have learned whilst being a missionary it is that you CAN live a gospel centered life in the world. you can be IN the world but not at all OF  the world. we can center our lives and thoughts and actions and every aspect of every day around Christ and do you know what will happen? we will be HAPPY!!!! it is called the plan of HAPPINESS not only because we will be happy in the end but because we will be happy NOW too! ah i just love it. i love the is true...we can all go home now right? oh boy...well we had to get our oil changed this week so we didn't get a ton done that we wanted to but here's a funny story for you. the other day we stopped for lunch but we don't have very many miles each month so we usually take lunch and then just eat in the car and either study after or nap...anywho...well i don't usually nap during our break time because i just don't like taking naps during the day but that's another we all fell asleep and it hadn't been very long when we all woke up and sister house sat up first and said uh oh!...well there was a cop parked right next to was raining and i guess our lights were stilll on because the car was still running and he was just checking things out...making sure all was well...well he was a really cool guy and we got to talk to him for about 15 minutes. he said he'd been to salt lake to "that cathedral of yours" and asked why it was that he couldn't go inside. *aaaahhh* it's moments like that when angels sing:) so sister liston handed him a pass alon card with a pic of the temple on it and explained what goes on there. he said he had seen us in his neighborhood a few days ago...we had been going to see a potential investigator. what are the odds  right? sheesh. i wanted to say God is trying to tell you something when you run into the same three missionaries twice in one week eh! but he had to run off to something far more exciting than said three missionaries. it was really cool...we're totaly going to go visit him because we didn't get his name. yesterday was almost the most awesome sunday EVER..i think it was because it was fast sunday...i used to hate fast sundays...i used to hate fasting but that's beside the point. i love them now! the spirit was so strong it was way cool....everyone that bore their testimony - said something that fit almost so perfectly to the needs of this ward. and we had like seven less actives that we've been trying to focus on in sacrament AND an investigator. it was great...then the lesson in sunday scool was so amazing...we don't have a gospel principles class which i guess is ok cuz we have no investigators but one of the teachers is an institute teacher so obviously it was so enlightening. then the lesson we had in relief society was so was about protecting our families and making our home a refuge for them.     i'm not necessarily excited to be home and done with my mission but i am excited for when i get home and i can use all the awsome knowledge and skills i'm gaining now! whew i am so blessed thatHeavenly Father would let me serve a mission. i'm sure all you RM's feel the same way. well we fasted yesterday for new investigators and people to teach and eventhough no one wanted to talk to us due to super bowl sunday we got ONE new's amazing the miracles that happen when you have faith and do the things God asks  you to! i just want to share something funny with you all...i am readhing in 3 nephi this week about when Christ comes to the people there and i had a question about when God speaks to them and tells them that Christ is coming and then the next night i totally had a dream that the world was way way bad and the second coming was very close to happening and it had been raining for days and days and days and then it thundered and the thunder turned into God's voice and he was telling the people here that he had sent them missionaries that needed to be listened to haha. it was way funny..i don't know what i should have learned from it but oh well... well dear friends i've talked y our ears off for another week....keep up the good work...take care of your missionaries please....they need it!! and remeember that missionary work is not the hardest thing ever..when we pray for opportunities to share the love of our Heavenly Father with others..those chances will turn naturally into paths to open the gospel to someone...a good friend told me recently that she wasn't her responsibility if they accepted or not...just her responsibility that she shared it.    this gospel IS true....Christ Does live. and Heavenly Father loves us enough that he sent us another prophet to lead and guide us!!!! blessed doesn't begin to describe what we that have the truth are......LOVE YOUR NEIGHBORS!!!!