Friday, March 26, 2010

March Update

March 1 = Transfers and Molly was transferred AGAIN! Poor thing so she didnt have time to write a weekly letter

March 8 -
one transfer older and wiser too...happy you!
hola, como esta amigos! how is everyone...birthday greetings from....are you ready for this....drum roll please......VICTORVILLE....haha i know you're all dying right now....please refrain from comments on how close i am to palmdale...i already know...palmdale road(not blvd) is in my area...the god things is though...i don't think i could get to mom and dad's house if my life depended on it so alas...all trunkiness is subdued. transfer...two new companions! i've only been out five months and this is my 7th and 8th companion. the other surprising event of this transfer is that the two sisters i am now companions with, sister judd and chid..were mtc companions AND came out only one transfer after me....i am the senior......whoa. the dynamics of "senior/junior" companion is a little different with sisters especially when i only have one transfer of experience ahead of them  but still i am the oldest and when decisions need to be made they must be done by myself. president sanchez is always saying that we need to become better sooner, so i guess here is my chance?! it was really a very strange transfer...all the sisters who sincerely are senior pretty much stayed in their respective areas and sister child and i were put in sister judd's area...silver lakes becuase sister judd's companion died(that's missionary speak for she finished her mission and went home). the work is going really well here...we're really really busy and have a lot of investigators, which is way cool. this is actually the area i was in for exchanges last transfer and when i was here before while we were teaching a lesson i thought this is areally cool ward...i could totally serve here some day...i never thought someday would be this transfer!!! i feel like i can never ever fill the shoes of my own senior sisters..i'm not nearly as experienced or knowledgable but...i'll go where Heavenly Father wants me right? i don't really have much of a choice! haha. i was very sad to leave san was a good ward and really good companions...i don't feel like i learned all i could from them. this is sister house's last transfer andi will miss her:( and i probably won't ever be companions with sister liston agin now! the word on the street is there can only be three sisters in this area for this transfer so for all i know i'll probably be transferred again in five weeks! but the good thing is that next transfer we're getting enough new sisters that we probably won't need a tripanionship anywhere woo! don't get me wrong i love my companions but being in a companionship with three is just a lot more work...relationship wise ya know? well my companions are pretty awesome i love them both already...they are the tallest of the sisters....go figure. sister judd is somehwere around 6 foot. sister child is not far behind i think she's like 5'9". both of them thin and gorgeous....sister bowers always said that when sister judd would back her up in the car that she felt she was being backed up by a super model...totally true haha. sister judd is so funny though we laugh ALL the time. sister child reminds me so much of myself sometimes it's crazy...i don't know how things will go there haha ya know sometimes someone is just TOO much like you and you end up not getting along...i know that won't happen because we're missionaries and that just doesn't happen so:) but they're both great...we're learning a lot from eachother and this transfer is going to be so awesome....we had zone conference and the zone leaders in victorville are really great...they are so dedicated and want us all to e the same way. during zone breakout after zone conference(so many meetings!!!) they went around the room and we individually dedicated ourselves to working 100 percent to further this work. there was such an amazing feeling of hope and optimism...i'm really happy and excited to be here...i think i will really like this area...maybe i'll even get to stay:)one hilarious thing is that this zone is going to the temple this transfer haha. i'm beginning to think there is something about the temple i need to understand...otherwise president will just keep transferring me to zones that are going to the temple haha. jk jk jk i'm super grateful. well...this week was interesting and we had to get our oil along with that, transferrs and zone conference, we haven't accomplished alot and a lot of our appointments cancelled on us. so that's all my exciting news....i love being a missionary and you all should too! there's nothing greater in this world than to serve Christ and to help one of Heavenly FAther's other children, truly understand His love for them. that's all the gospel really is...a plan and a conduit to understanding fully and feeling Heavenly Father's love, it is when we feel that love that we are moved and motivated to follow Him and obey the commandments and it is when we obey the commandments that we gain help other people feel the love of their creator and you will help them live the gospel!!! i love you all and hope you're doing well...oh i just figured something out...this transfer i have three birthdays!! yesterday was my five month mission birthday...saturday is my actual birthday and then april 7th is my SIX MONTH mission birthday....oh my gosh i hope that day never comes!!!! ok i love you...stay faithful and obedient:) love sister molly

March 15
week three already:( where does the time go??
Hello friend family and fellow followers:) how art thou this fine week? this week was my birthday and now i am 22. that is weird.on april 7th i will have been serving for 6 months already and that means i will only have one year left to serve. that is sad. i want to be 21 and a missionary for the rest of my life...i want to be the 4th nephite......i could hang out with john the beloved...they are cool. this week was pretty good...we worked hard.  a LOT of our appointments cancelled which really wasn't cool. but we found some new people to teach so that is really awesome. i don't know what it is about sister child and i that makes everyone not want to talk to us anymore haha but apparently there is something. we met this really cool lady who goes to HDC(high desert church) they are like the anti-Christ of the high desert. they teach a ton of anti. but we met her and talked to her for like an day she will be baptized. we just talked to her about our church and asked her about hers. and talked about the Book of Mormon. then we got this referral for a man named alvin who visited st. george and requested a Book of Mormon and when we talked to him on the phone he said i don't want someone to come to my house and preach to me about religion i just want this book. when we got to his house he let us right in and we spent the next hour pretty much just talking about our church and answering questions from him and his wife. apparently they are devout catholic but OF COURSE there is something that he "just doesn't like about the catholic church" haha i love it when people say that. i just want to shout THAT IS BECAUSE IT ISN'T TRUE!!!! to them but that is super in appropriate and like vomitting the gospel at people which isn't allowed. later in the week we talked to some really cool ladies...yahana and her daughter yahana. friends of some people in our ward. this is just such a testament of member work. we went over their with their friend and these two girls are naturally very kind and friendly to people but because we were with the member they let us right in and visited with us and let us tell them about the restoration and we got a follow up appointment....if we had tracted that house they would have been like no thanks we go to church even if we had said...we know so and so they would jsut not have responded the same....i love members....that's pretty much every one who will ever read be good to your missionaries...give them referrals and go with them to those referrals! well saturday was my birthday and we went to a birthday party how crazy is that! haha we had to leave early but i thought that was pretty fun.   well that's about it for this week...super boring because everyone cancelled on us. but alas...the begginning of a new week awaits us...i hope it goes well for you all! LOVE sister molly  

March 22
laundromats, lessons and the GUITAR
on top of old SMOKEY all covered with cheese i lost my something or other...i don't remember the words to that song but i learned how to play it on the guitar this week cool right!? sister child knows how to play the guitar a little bit and sister peeler has a guitar! when i asked sister peeler if we could use her guitar she misunderstood me and thought i said shar shar haha so now that's what we call the guitar..."hey you wanna play the shar shar" haha. good times. well this week was pretty good...sister peeler's dryer broke though so we had a little bit of a laundry mishap. we had to go do our laundry on a wednesday bah! there are some really nice sisters in the ward that keep telling us that we can just use their driers until ours is fixed but it's just such a hassel when all of us have like 3 loads and NO time. but all is well this week. whew! we had some really awesome lessons this week. we taught a lesson called the great supper lesson. i want you all to do this in your own personal luke make a list of ALL the things that have blessed your life from having the gospel in it. everything like wholesome music...good values and morals...awesome seminary teachers...just keep going until you can think of anything anymore and then commit yourself never to be the ones to make weak excuses for not attending the great supper that has been offered to us by Heavenly Father through His restored gospel. will you do that? ( you all nodded yes) good. i know that Heavenly Father is just WAITING to bless us and all we have to do is obey His simple commandments. we had another lesson with our investigator erin...she goes to the High Desert Church..otherwise known as hdc...antichrist of the high desert. it's really awesome to see the questions she has and the explaination that she gets from her own church and the clarification that our gospel can offer. like one of the questions she has is...what is our purpose here on earth....why couldn't God just snap His fingers and Make us perfect so we wouldn't have to live on if her church understood agency and the Fall of Adam and Eve....she wouldn't have that question now would she baha!  we are also teaching the other girl tessera...she reminds me of a lady i taught in my first area...the lessons we had with THAT lady made me love being a missionary so matter what we talk about the spirit is there and it's there SO strongly!! she's just searching for the truth and God is giving it to her!! ah!!! well this upcoming week is going to be awesome. we get to go to the temple which rocks and then there are TWO baptisms of people that i taught this week. well the one we are going to i only taught him one lesson....his name is gonzalo..he's inapple valley but we helped his wife get baptized while we were there. and then the other one is a lady from fontana who grew up a member but had her records removed when she got divorced...she had to overcome a's so so SOOOOO amazing to see the gospel change people.   i just don't have words to describe the feeling of seeing someone become a better person and obtain remission of their sins! i pray everyday that something will happen in the next 13 months to make it possible for me to stay a missionary forever....:( pray for me will you haah. ok well i gotta run now i hope everyone's week goes so that section in luke it's awesome.! i love you sister anderson