Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Past Three Weeks!

Dec 7

Hola friends...the song this week is another veggie tales one because sister harrison made me sing it to her a million times and it is...the yodeling veternarian of the alps. haha i love it..first's pouring rain right now...i used my umbrella this's crazy!!so this week was pretty good. we've decided the ants in cali are a sign of the times..instead of's ants! tons of people in the ward have complained about the ants in their homes and how they can't get rid of them and how the ant traps don't work  and it's the same thing in our apartment! ah it's so bad!!! this week is transferrs and three of us in the apartment and poor sister morgan has to stay and deal with them some more! so yes..this week is transferred. we are getting two new sisters and we pretty much knew for sure that sis harrison would be training and leaving the area because she's been here for so long so she would be training and whitewashing an area but we figured that iw ould probably stay in the area and someone would join me here WRONG! we were both pretty shocked when e. bell said we were both leaving! that means they are whitewashing our area and most likely with elders. everyone in the ward was pretty bummed. sister harrison was really sad because she's been in this area the whole time they have had sisters. apparently the area was kind of a mess before she got here 7.5 months ago because of a previous elder and now that the area is doing better they are taking the sisters out:(  i obviously don't know if that for sure is the reason but it seems pretty logical. the biggest reason i was so sad is because we had a lesson with one of our investigators this week, tia.. her husband is an active member as of recent, probably the past 8 months or so. and she goes to church every week with him and their two kids and she has been taking the lessons for a while and she reads and prays and has a testimony of Christ..she has a testimony of it ALL but just had not realized it anyway..our zone leader suggested that we get president sears(the stake pres.) to come to the lesson with us. we did and it was the BEST lesson i've been in yet. I love seeing leaders of the church in action. it was such a testimony of his office and the fact that he was supposed to be the stake president haha! we sat down and he started asking them some questions just to get to know them and then he starts telling tia about his conversion story...we had not told him that tia LOVES to hear other people's conversion stories...we then talked for maybe ten minutes about prayer and fasting...the rest we all him just sharing stories about his conversion and his testimony...the spirit was so incredibly strong and he said to her...what an amazing gift to give Christ to celebrate His birthday, being baptized...she was sobbing at this point and so was pres. sears and tia's husband AND sis harrison...i was feeling the same spirit they were but i was just so HAPPY that it was all happening, i had to contain my smile..she then through tears and tears said..what a small gift to give Him after everything He's done for me.  she didn't end up technically commiting...she already has a goal date in january but i'm pretty sure she will move that date closer to christmas..before the new was amazing.  Heavenly Father answers prayers. He answered our prayers as missionaries, He answered Tia's prayers to know what to do, and i'm sure he answered her husband's prayers..It's so amazing to be able to see those sort of makes everything worth see someone, just one person accept the truthfulness of the gospel makes all rejection worth it. did you all get to see the devotional yesterday? we missed it but we saw the last 10 minutes or so of Pres Monson's talk...the spirit was there in those last ten mintues so i can only imagine what the whole thing was like! well...i think that's all for this week..the ants really do go marching to get out of the rain, believe it! I hope you're all doing well and i hope this week is great. wish me luck on my first transfer and loss of my training wheels...i know it will all work out and i will love my new area! i love you all!!! love molly


song of the week - scatter sunshine all along the way - cheer and bless and brighten every passing day!! i'm glad to hear thanksgiving went well! it sounds like lots of fun...i'm jealous you all got to go to the temple together - way fun! that's so cool about the singing road - i think i've heard of that on a honda commercial or soemthing liek that haha that's sweet. well...  this week was not too shabby. monday night we went on exchanges - i went up to the desert which was cold cold's getting pretty chilly down here too but there are some random warm today haha. so that was fun - i learned a lot from sister steele and i came to appreciate more my area and amazing companion:) i really did enjoy it though. thursday of course was thanksgiving... and it was lots of fun - in the morning we made some yummy things like cheese cake and cookies to take to people and then we went to dinner. one of our investigators joaquin came with us because he lives alone and is a little on the depressed side sometimes so we made him come with was great we did the dishes afterward for the family that we were with and it took us like two hours!! after that we went and visited another family in the ward for about half an hour and then we had to come home cuz our roommate needed some help. after that me and sister morgan (the other sister who knows asl) went to the church and watched some book of mormon stories in asl while our companions practiced the piano! it was lots of fun...exhausting though!! we're not sure how legit this investigator in wrightwood is but we're practicing so we can be ready if he is for sure's slowgoing and i feel like i can't remember anything!! the same frustrations i had in highschool are coming back to me now...oye.  friday was just a long day of weekly planning...honestly it took us forever!! we have two hours set aside in the am each friday for weekly planning..we started about ten minutes late and then spent the next half hour cleaning all the ANTS off my BED!! when we finally got rid of them all our dear zone leaders called us and wanted to talk about stake that took another half hour! so with walking back and forth from our apartment to outside to talk to the zone leaders and then back and forth again - we had about 20 minutes to plan! so we had to eat lunch and get ready for our next appt after lunch then after our appointment we went to a nearby park and spent the next 2 hours that we were supposed to be visiting potential investigators, planning sheesh! then our dinner cancelled so we went and ate dinner and then just visited felt like we didn't get anything accomplished but at the same time our planning was very efficient and will help us have a very productive week! so anyway saturday was all tracting and visiting investigators and such. we helped one of our investigators move in teh morning though so it was really just the afternoon. then later more asl! sunday was great as always - i love sundays. there's an investigator of our district leaders that has come to our ward just out of confusion last week and this week and i'm so jealous of those stinkin elders who get to teach him. he's like the old school southern baptist type and every comment he makes starts with praise the lord! or hellelujah brother amen!! but he's so smart and sincere and he is always saying    i'm in it to win it! i wanna learn about joseph smith and brigham young and be baptized!! haha i guess the elders were sick this week when they were supposed to get with him so he said..i need to get with those elders so they can tell me what i need to do to be baptized!!ah he's so awesome and he quotes these amazing bible stories liek no ones business! he's cool.  so this week we will get transfer calls.....and there's a 99.99 percent chance sister harrison will be transferred:( i'm losing my yoda and i'm so sad!! i don't know what i'm going to do without her - i'm fairly concerned. there's a pretty good chance that i will stay so it will happen that i know whats up with the ward and area but i'm not the senior companion...i relaly don't know what i'm going to's probably for my benefit though - i'm constantly asking sister do you do that or what do i do for this...i guess i've relied on her too much and so she's being taken away  :(.  and now i'm going to have to go to dinner for christmas at the percy's house without her...he's the guy i told you about that reminds me of dad but is outrageously intimidating!  i'm super nervous about that especially. well that's about it...this week was pretty lam-eh if you know what i mean...i think the most exciting thing that happened was our tracting yesterday - we found a pretty amazing street with a lot of really receptive people on it. we feel very blessed. soo....wish me luck this week that i can glean all the necessary info from my yoda friend as possible!!  i hope you all have a great week - this gospel is true and we don't realize how blessed we are to have it ...share it! and if you can't do that - do all you can to help the missionaries share it!! go to lessons with them - invite their investigators into your home.....when you pray earnestly to have a missionary like attitude Heavenly Father will bless you and the missionaries will LOVE you....and lets be honest - who doesn't love being friends with the missionaries!!!! alright dear ones - i love you all and hope you're doing well...don't forget me i still need your love!:):) Love, Molly....sister anderson

Nov 23.

song of the week..........the cheesburger song by mr. lunt(veggietales...look it up it's good, especially the part about wiping the cheese off haha)
well well well...this...was an interesting week. we had a few amazing moments so i'll tell you about that - and i would prefer to just forget the rest of the week haha .  so ! thursday we had "mission tour" which is basically one of the general authorities (elder kenneth johnson, in this case) comes and like reviews all the aspects of the mission and helps us understand what we can do better. so that was pretty much amazing, elder and sister johnson are from england or wales or something liek that so they have this cool accent and elder johnson is probably one of the funniest men ever. and it was just so stinking helpful. i feel really blessed to be able to experience this at the beginning of my mission, i can see the vast amounts of improvement that i can make but i'm glad to have had that chance to be directed as to what to improve! if that made any sense. so that was just so so good and i got to see one of my elder friends from my mtc district which was so was like seeing a family member after not seeing them for a really long time. then after the mission tour i have to tell you a little story that will make sense later on . at lunch after our big meeting, me and s. morgan (one of my roommates) were talking about asl. she knows it apparently and i was telling her how i feel really guilty because i've buried my talent and now i don't know it as well as i used to by far. ok so remember that for a little bit. later that night the relief society was having their "relief society activity" formally known as enrichment night. and we were so luckily - our investigator liz was able to come. it was all about "believing" and there were a few women from the ward that shared their conversion stories and the spirit was so strong and we were so stinking grateful that she was able to come - she was able to recognize the spirit and she mentioned that when all the women got a little teary eyed while talking she said "that's the spirit right? now i know why i felt that way last week" because last week she was getting a little choked up at our lesson. so we were just tickled pink about that and she was really hitting it off with this one member and anyway...we're really excited about her and that whole day...whilst watching a little video after the testimonies our AP's call...sister harrison went out into the hall to answer it and then came back in and said it was for i get on the phone and it's elder krebbs and elder krebbs anderson........i got a phone this point my heart dropped i'm thinking is someone sick did someone die what's going on!!! then i realized if that were the case i wouldn't be talking to an AP i'd be talking to the P haha anywho so to continue on he says....from somone in the mission up in the mountains area they have an investigator who only signs, and i remember from your info sheet that you know asl, would you feel confident enough to share the gospel in it? AH i was so shocked i coudln't believe he asked me i saidwell i would need a lot of practice and like an asl dictionary or something but i can't say no i won't then he says...this is the worst part!!! "it will give you a chance to use your talent" !!!! I couldn't believe the words actually came out of his mouth...God works in mysterious ways....i was just awed at this point haha i told him about the afformentioned conversation and he just laughed and said oooh i got have to do it now haha. soooo i'm trying to figure out how to sign the gospel haha. luckily there's a women in our ward who knows it and is going to share some literature with me...keep me in your prayers...hopefully this counts as like "gift of hands" or something like that haha.  so that was a crazy night. way way way way awesome and it seems that everytime we do anything with liz i just come out feeling on top of the world. she alone would make this 18 months worth it i think. i'm so very blessed. so the next night...friday... we went to dinner at this members home. she's from columbia and anyway she gave us these huge plates full of food and i unthinkingly ate it all then she gives us this HUGE piece of strawberry flan...yuck... i only had like two or three bites and then we were about to leaveand she said why did you not finish?? i was like what? you dont' ask people that! so i just said i'm so so full! which i was but if it had not been flan i could have finished. so anyway - we had to leave and then come back...long we came back and we didn't end up being able to do what we had planned so she made us some hot chocolate, with toast...totally fine right...WRONG! she's done making the hot chocolate which sounds like it is oging to be really good and then she gets out....this block of mozerella cheese...and cuts it up....and then...puts in IN THE GLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i couldn't believe it !!! i didn't know what to do! she said this is how they have it in columbia and oh it's so good you'll love it on and on and on . sister harrison said as soon as she saw that cheese she thought oh no sister anderson hates cheese! haha let alone that it's IN HOT CHOCOLATE!! hello who does that!!! oh my heavens it  was so horrifying. i  did the best i could - the cheese got liek really soft and she was showing us that you scoop it out with the spoon and eat it and it tastes like chocolate so i like scooped it out and couldn't eat it i just put it in my mouth and was so terrible.  the chocolate was really really good i loved it but the cheese. oh dear...  i was sick to my stomach all day friday and for most of the day on sundaysaturday night it was the worst though the members we ate with took us to this mexican restuarant and i got a bean and cheese burrito and only ate like 10 tiny little intestines were so sad:(  i felt so bad for putting them through such torture.  i have a renewed determination for not feeling bad when denying food that i don't want to eat.  oh was so so bad. i'm feeling totally fine now thank heavens but i thought i would probably die on friday - i had to take a short nap it was so bad. so anywho...this week we're going on exchanges - i'm going up to the desert...last week we had to go up to the desert for choir practice and all was well until i looked out my window and see a road sign that says what? guessed it ..PALMDALE...i wanted to cry...or turn around haha soemthing liek that. it was crazy...i don't think i told you about the first members home that i went to for dinner, i was telling the dad about how my parents lived in cali and what not the whole shpeel and he said "so it took God to tell you to come to so cal" haha i was like yeah i never thought of it that way but i guess you're right haha anyway. so i'm out in the desert to wander. wish me luck, i'm fairly nervous. so anyway there are the long and lengthy highlights of the two days this week. i hope all is doing well - i'm glad you both are enjoying work more - i felt the same way when i started at legacy house - i would leave for work and be really nervous and my heart would be pounding and i would get there and be just fine haha, it's no fun!  anyway - i love you so much and i hope your thanksgiving full of people is fun fun fun - good luck with the cupboards dad! I love you all have a great week!! Love - molly

Monday, November 23, 2009

Last Three Weeks!

Nov. 2

Well......tuesday...was...crazy. it snowed that morning and then at the airport i had to rearrange a bunch of stuff in my suitcase so it wasn´t too heavy. that was fun, i´m glad i didn´t have those sweater and coat! when we arrived at the airport president and sister sanchez were there to greet us all, we went to a park and had lunch and a little history lesson, that was fun. then i met my companion and she took me grocery shopping, then to president´s house for dinner and a little testimony meeting, i did get your package that night and thank for it! it was a really crazy day and at the end of the night when we finally kneeled to pray i may or may not have started crying a lot. satan really had me done in that night...i couldn´t figure out what on earth was i thinking when i thought sure i´ll go on a mission. it´s much better now...but i was just exhausted and in a new place with all new people and all my mtc family was gone. sister harrison is my yoda as i like to call her. she´s been out for about a year and she´s great,kinda nerdy but i love her haha, plus she compliments me way more than i deserve but i need it. i´m learning so much from her. í´m still pretty weary of almost everything but i just suck it up and do it. what else can i do right....sorry there is no punctuation in this letter btw, i´m on a spanish keyboard. so anyway...we are going to khols today because after sending that stuff home i only have two skirts!!   it was chilly the first few days last week but it´s warmed up , i´m sure it will get cold again though but i´m in fontana (summit ward) so i don´t think it will snow at all and so far my tan jacket from gap has sufficed..i might end up buying like a scarf...i´ll let you know when i need that coat and stuff...if i do....i will feel kinda bad if i don´t end up using them at all....:S sorry if that happens...i would use them when i got home for sure if that matters? so area is fontana but because of housing issues we live in south fontana, like 20 minutes away from our actual area in an apt with two other sisters, there´s 2 bathrooms though..super convenient!! it´s not the nicest place i´ve ever´s a little ghetto haha but it´s a comfy bed and i have my own little desk and lamp!! and  it´s gated so it´s worries.  all the mail is supposed to go through the office 8280 utica ave ste150 Rancho Cucamonga, know the address...anyway so i don´t even know our address...spread the word to send all my mail anyway...i´m just getting to know the ward and how to teach...i feel like i went to the mtc, and then when i came out here someone pulled the plug on my memory, like the teaching and things i learned in provo were useless haha.  i know it wasn´t actually useless but that´s how it felt at first. sister harrison has been in this area for 6months already bless her heart but she loves the ward..she just raves about it. the members i´ve met so far have all been very welcoming and warm. and so far there has only been one person who got angry whilst tracting. apparently we woke up his baby who has a bad heart :s oh well. so saturday night we had to be home by 6 and we had a fun little halloween party with all the decorations and things i´ve been sent by you and natalie, we made cupcakes and had a pumpkin drawing contest haha it was fun...  i know sara is probably frustrated with me because she has no pictures yet haha. anyway. president and sister sanchez are so nice. we actually met some missionaries in slc that were just returning from this mission and one of them said oh president sanchez is just a jolly old fellow haha. they were very welcoming when i arrived with 13 elders!! i make sister number 11!! and there are 190 missionaries total in the mission haha. crazy crazy. well...things are good! i´m learning all i can. and i appreciate your prayers and thoughts...heaven knows i need them. oh ps i´m sorry i didn´t write you last week i really just didn´t have time and i figured since i called you that counted:)  ...ok well i think that´s all...i´m sorry if i´ve left some query unanswered...i don´t really know anyone in my district or zone...or mission haha except sister harrison and my elders but i never see them....i love you all and...i´m happy to be here...i know Heavenly Father is taking care of His children...He is in control. i miss you all but only 17 more months...easy peasy rice and cheesy. Please write me:)!!!i love you ...sister anderson....

Nov 9th

hahaha mom you are killing me with all these extra emails..i'm laughing and crying and laughing again...i look like a fool haha! i also loved the dad's email in mom's words...i'm sure he couldn't care less if you finished the painting before everyone came over...and i had to control my laughter about the dancing table cloth...i can totally see dad replaying a big explosion and giggling when the table cloth went crazy! well anyway-yes my letter last week was a little dazed and confused but you will be relieved to hear that this week was just what i needed.  i have fallen in love with missionary work and thank heavens it finally happened:) i've experienced one district and zone meetings and both times we talked about faith happening in our work when we have faith in the Lord. and boy were they right. i've never felt more helpless or inadequate in my entire life so i have been trying as hard as possible to be faithful and to pray sincerely and fervently and the miracles came. when we were tracting on friday we went to this one street before dinner and on the LAST house we knocked on this guy named dominic answered and listened to us a little but said he was just about to take a nap but sure we could come back! oh my word...that was the best feeling of my entire life...i couldn't stop smiling. sister harrison was laughing at me. it was just great i was so excited. then we went to dinner and afterward we had an appt with this sweet lady. her name is liz and apparently she used to be jehovas witness becuase her mom and her sister are. her husband is catholic or something like that and basically she is just confused. all around. we had the best lesson ever with her. she is truly searching for the truth and i know that Heavenly Father blessed her with it because of her sincere desire. i felt a small portion of His love for her while we were talking and i tried to tell her that and i was choking back tears and so was sister harrison and so was was amazing..the spirit was the strongest i've felt since being out here.  we went home that night and i just...was astounded. then yesterday whilst tracting we got someone else who said he wanted to hear more but he couldn't at the moment and then we met this guy who unfortunately didn't want to set up another appt but said we could come back whenever and he would let us in..he was like joseph smith...what happens after we die? why are there so many different churches...shouldn't there be one? it's really confusing when there are so many?? he said he'd read a lot when he was in prison haha so i asked him if he ever read the book of mormon, he said no so we gave him we'll go back later....cross your fingers for him haha. we actually went to visit dominic today but he wasn't there:( hopefull we'll get ahold of him..    i don't know if i will ever discover "the reason" that i'm here but i have discovered a reason why i should stay:) i'm loving this opportunity. i can feel Heavenly Father guiding us in every aspect of our work and as we rely on Him, He IS preparing US to be worthy and ready for those who are searching for the truth. i don't know if that makes any sense...point is...this sincerely is His work and how blessed i am that He should want me to be a part of it.  as to answer your question about dinner mom..we get fed pretty regularly so no i'm not fending for myself and eating pizza haha. sister sanchez gives their missionaries a serving of whole grain. two servings of vegetables, three servings of fruit a day for a whole month and you get some sort of reward so i'm grateful for that emphasis, it makes spending more on groceries so that i can buy healthy things easier, so we eat at home for breakfast and lunch and since i've been here we've only not had dinner at a member's home once.  also when you were talking about daylight savings and how dark it gets so early....i know....haha.....i live here too :) it's crazy cuz we aren't allowed to tract after makes things a little difficult. especially if we don't have an appointment after dinner...then we have to try to visit like less actives or potential investigators but we can't visit men. the ward here is so great..everyone has been so so helpful and welcoming..they really are focused on missionary work which is awesome. the bishop is so so great and wants to help us however he can. i feel so blessed apparently i got here at the perfect time because last month there was nothing for the sisters to do. as well as the sisters that we live with talk about their ward council/mission leader/bishop and they are just horrible to the sisters and don't want to help at all!! they just rearranged the boundries in our stake and we lost our awesome awesome ward mission leader...i'm so bummed. but knowing our ward we'll get another great one.  i know this is kind of random but did i tell you about joaquin? i'll tell you again...joaquin is an investigator that they were already teaching when i got here...apparently like three weeks ago he was getting ready for bedsaturday night and decided he needed to go to church on sunday but didn't know where to go.. he got up sunday and got dressed and just started driving..he was on the freeway when this silver bmw(we have yet to discover who the owner is and have determined it must have been the three nephites) passed him..he decided to follow it and it led him to our ward!! how miraculous is that...he's so awesome and i've only had the chance to teach him once because he's been working and busy but he's like the perfect investigator. anywho....i'm kind of out of experiences to share......sister harrison is raising me right..she's my yoda and i love her:) the other sisters are great as well i'm grateful that we have roommates it makes everything fun! oh yeah and my address is
17010 marygold ave. #40
fontana, CA 92335

but really send my mail through the office address because it doesn't take that much longer to get to me and then it will for sure get to me. well i love you guys and i miss you and mom i wish you could squeeze me more but you're wouldn't make for easy tracting and appts would be kinda awkward that way haha. ps erin had better write me soon or i'll kick some butt.... oh yeah i guess i can email.. but i only have an hour and i have to write you guys first so....if someone wants to email me they can but i might have to write them back. and mom can you please send me gma decker and your sisters' adresses i don't have them. and can you do me another favor and find me the mission office address for the san jose mission. i would love you forever if you could..i just dont' have time to look it up :) anyway. you guys are awesome...i as well as president sanchez am grateful to be here and i'm grateful to those who made it possible( and dad...:)..) anyway i love you all and i will send my card this week or next week sorry it's taking so long...  i love you...i know i've say that a lot but i do and i want you to know that Heavenly Father doesn't only guide his missionaries...if we are very prayerful and have faith..He will guide His children.  I hope everyone's week goes well and i hope your cleaning and mountains of activities all go well mom:) you're great and i know they will. until next week....Sister Molly

Nov 16

Hey fam fam,
the song of the week is "the ants go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah. the ant go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah. the ants go marching one by one.;lasdpoibnqlwe(i don't remember the next part), AND they all go marching Down to the ground to get out of the rain......
yes yes...we have ants in our ghetto fontana apt haha. it's a really great place though mom don't's just that we have ants. when i first got here i noticed that we always had like 6 or 7 in the bathroom, nowhere else though and then something happened last week and they were EVERYWHERE in the bathroom and then yesterday we got home and opened the cupboard to eat luch and they were EVERYWHERE in there!!! it was so disappointing but i think we got it all taken care of :S!!  dad-i'm glad that you can slack off in meetings haha it brings me joy that you don't have to listen to boring drones talking about collecting money, way to be haha. that's way cool about the shelves and drawers for the entertainment center i can't wait to see it. also as far as gi joe goes...i think i actually saw that movie...i don't remember but you are isn't are lame...we already had this conversation and i am questions asked i'm a missionary. speaking of missionaries mom...Heavenly Father is amazing..i never realized what you were talking about until i got out here, i know i still am so inadequate to do this work and i know there are so many more that are actually qualified but as i rely on Jesus Christ, i am growing and things get accomplished!! it's amazing to experience and be a part of it but it really is His work and He really does make His children equal to their callings. that's awesome about tracie, she will make a great rs president. tell her i said good luck. also speaking of missionaries..i know you guys are really busy but if you ever have any time you're wondering what could i do or how can i could always go to lessons with the missionaries....? i've recognized this week the importance of having the members involved. it makes ALL the difference. not saying that people won't feel the converting power of the spirit if there aren't members present but they will feel it a lot stronger and sometimes quicker when there IS a member present...don't ask me why or how it just does. we taught that girl i told you about, liz. again this week. one of our members was there  it was fantastic..i'm so grateful that i get to be a part of teaching her, she is hungering so badly for the gospel and when we teach her the spirit is so strong. i just want to be like liz....we have what you're looking for, i know you don't know it yet....but you will...and it will be awesome when you get baptized haha. it's great. we had a baptism this week it was awesome. one of the girls s. harrison was teaching finally received permission from her parents and the spirit was amazing, i'm so grateful i got to witness that, it was the first convert baptism i think i've ever been to. this week has been kinda crazy, tons of stuff falling through and we think that one of our investigators might have a crush on s. harrison:S haha so we're a little concerned about how that might turn out! i'm loving loving loving this ward and yes we have dinner planned for thanksgiving, and christmas. they are so focused and jazzed about misisonary work. yesterday in PEC the bishop talked to us about how the church is going to become more self reliant, like the members are going to start doing more such as cleaning and the bishop store house assignments and things liek taht, to the point that people will have to take work off to fulfill the assignments. it was amazing to me when he said that. we are starting to sincerely live the law of consecration and it just shows how things are moving along. that time we've all been waiting for is comging...eek! haha that 's what i was thinking while he was talking about it...well we almost had to do exchanges this week and then because of a bunch of things we ended up not and thank stinkin heavens because i am so not ready to leave my yoda:(  eventhough she'll probably be moved next transferr...she's been here for 6.5 months! anyway i'm really nervous but i can't really control anything so i'll just brace myself!! well...i don't know what else i can share this week...things are going great and i'm still loving everything 99.7 percent of the time haha the other .3 percent i still love things i just wish that i loved them more! Dad, Heavenly Father is truly taking care of me, i feel His hand in my life every single day and how amazing it is that i've been given the opportunity to do that. I love this gospel and the Book of Mormon...there's no way that it Couldn't be true! I love you all and thank you for your support and letters. Missionary work is the most important thing we can be doing right now and if we prayerfully ask Heavenly Father to lead us to those who are prepared, i know that He will do just that. Even for those who aren't serving full time!! He loves ALL His children. I know that.  I love love love you. Have a good week please!! :) -Molly

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Molly in the field!

Molly left for the field this last tuesday. She was able to find a few minutes to call us from the airport. It was fun to talk to her and hear her voice. Since she missed P-day this week we have not yet heard from her but We most likely will this week. We are looking forward to hearing about her first few days, her new companion/trainer and her area. She sounded Happy and of course a little nervous but well. Good Luck Molly we love you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

OCT 21st!

Hello! I got the package thank you so much i loved everything in it. the elders loved the cookies they said it kept them awake:) and the little bag those cookies came in will be perfect to hold my letters and such!! So . . . . . . .my companion went home. last week when we got here she said she was thinking of going home and then sunday rolled around and the spirit was so strong with everything and we had an inspiring talk about sticking it out and i think she then decided to stay - then last sunday she was fasting and she got a blessing from our branch president and i still thought everything was ok then on monday she said she had a meeting with our district president so we went to that then when she came out she said we have to wait here for a few minutes....i'm going home:(. i guess it's a good thing - she was unhappy here and it was frustrating because we weren't connecting and i didn't feel like we were progressing as we should because of it. so i'm in a threesome now with the other sisters in my district because luckily they are in my room as well. i love them to death and i'm glad i get to be with them . brother lovejoy - one of our teachers, pulled me aside after sister barker went home and was so nice - asked me how i was doing and stuff, it was precisely what i needed and i'm glad he is receptive enough to know that or i guess thoughtful enough to do that. he said he thinks i'm a phenomenol teacher and it blows his mind that i don't see that haha he also said he thinks this will be a good experience for me to be able to learn from someone else. i'm glad it's just hard getting used to i guess...i kinda feel like an intruder on their close relationship...but the lord will provide...this week was amazing. the weekend was all about joseph smith - in our district meeting (sunday school) everyone bore their testimony about the restoration and as one of the elders was talking i just had a flash in my mind and i could see myself sitting in someone's house bearing testimony of the book of mormon and them being like hey! ok ! then later than night we watched the joseph smith movie and i guess it's just the spirit that comes with this calling but seeing that movie - and all joseph smith did for our heavenly father's church makes missionary work look like easy peas!! i feel as if i am progressing - i feel much better than i did the first week so that's good - i DO love the mtc and i wish the time didn't go by so quickly:( just one more week and i'll be in cali :S eek!!! i've gotten so many compliments on my dresses everyone loves them . i really like my shoes they are easy but i keep rolling my ankle or something then i fall haha i'll be ok i think it's just the uneven pavement all over the place here. i love the feeling of the gospel just surrounding us. i love that it's not uncommon to walk down the hall and see a companionship praying or hear someone talking about how awesome they think the blessings of being a missionary is. this is kinda disjointed but back to my frustration of my companionship. on saturday - two days before she left - we were in the referral center - basically you get calls and chats from people who have questions and i was talking to this one person who was being really argumentative and didnt' want to talk to someone so young and then finally they just left, and i felt like such a doof - i just started crying- i was frustrated already and then i had borne my testimony sincerely and they just rejected it, my other teacher sister harris was so sweet and shared some very comforting scriptures with me, but still i felt so stupid. later in a meeting with our district leader he comforted me and said one time he got to go out with the missionaries for a day and it was so hard he biked home crying - i'm glad to know i'm not the only baby. anyway - that's about all i had to share - my district is great - the elders are so awesome i just love them all and i'm grateful i get to serve with them . i'm going to miss sister porter and mattei:( oh thank you for the memory card - i will send you mine but probably not till i get to cali:S i will try though.(this is when we will get pictures to post on the blog) oh yeah and laundry is free yea! i have to pay .50 for detergent but that's it. anyway i love you guys i love the gospel and my district and the mtc and i'm learning so much here it's insane. i never knew the Lord could bless me so much . i know it's because of your prayers and thoughts - tell erin i'm sending her a letter and sara as well. i would have hand written you one mom but i think you would have freaked if you didn't get something from me today - ok i loveyou . i can't say it enough - thank you for letting me come and do this - you'll never know how grateful i truly am. I love you. give dad a big hug for me. -sis. molly-

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oct 14th!

NOTE: Molly can e-mail in the MTC but only to imediate family. so this was her e-mail last week. Sorry about how weird it is I just copied and pasted it.

Oh my dear dear family - how i miss you so - your letters have been so sweet
and all the other missionaries in my district are jealous because of all the
mail i get. i'm sorry if there are a lot of errors in this email - i had to
spend the first 6 minutes of my half hour setting up my email account- so
anywho - i hope you've received my letter by now, i sent you one like friday
maybe? but there was no mail on monday i know so...anyway....the mtc is
great - i'm working on not getting so stressed out when i have to teach or
what not - it's a struggle but i'm prayerfully trying very hard. the spirit
is so so strong here. the first few days i will admit i thought "what on
earth am i doing here???" but i'm happy to be here now. i was happy however,
and maybe erin can pass this on to peter, that i have my own scriptures with
me, the first night when we went to class and i opened my scriptures i had
the most comforting feeling because there was SOMETHING that wasn't
completely knew and was like a peice of the comforting home was
there with me. last night we had a devotional with one of the first quorum
of the seventy talking about how we need to use the book of mormon in our
teaching. it was amazing. everything is amazing, i don't always feel that
way while teaching or things like that - when our teachers say...we're going
to teach my heart starts pounding and i get a little queasy, but i know i
should be here. i know i can bless Heavenly Father's children with his
message. I hope that i can be humble enough for him to mold me into the
servant he needs. Anyway - i'm keeping the reminder from aunt mlynn that in
every temple in every session people are praying for us. thanks for letting
me come and do this. . . . . .. I've decided that no matter how cute the clothes are i'm going to
look like a sister's the tag.....but anyway - i love it. i'm
totally rambling because i speed typed the first part of this letter and i
have like 13 minutes left haha. i know that during my days i'm constantly
thinking of things i want to tell you all. but now i can't think of them. oh
i was goingto tell you mom - you were right about the robe - but i wouldn't
have used one of those big bathrobes - but to get from the bathroom to my
room it's kinda a hassel to get dressed while in the shower - some of the
sisters just have like gowns like sorta like the ones you wear on sunday
only thinner and not so long. i would ask you to send me one like that but i
think by the time it got to me i would be leaving and it would be pointless
haha. well...i'm excited to go to the temple today - i can't wait!!! oh i
guess i have to tell you about my district and such - my comp. sister barker
is great i'm learning so much from her. her and the two other sisters in my
district are going to san jose. sister mattei is shorter than i am and maybe
95 lbs soaking wet -and sister porter is the sweetest person ever - i could
listen to her talk about the gospel all day long. the 5 elders in my
district are all going to san bernarndino with moi. our district leader
elder aokuso is from austrailia, they're all so great and i'm learning so so
much from all of them and from our teachers. well. it's only been a week but
it seems like i'ts been a month - everyone said make it till sunday and it
will get better and they were right - it's the power of the
sabbath/sacrament. life is good. pray for me...maybe don't post this letter
on the blog cuz it's a bunch of nonesense. i love you all so much - the
gospel is true - Heavenly Father loves you even more and wants you to read
the book of mormon. i love love love you and i miss you and i think of you
- i got distracted last night thinking of haylee's sweet little cheeks and
how i wanted to kiss them...and then couldn't get to sleep. oh my gosh i have to go but i love
you so much i wish i could kiss and hug you , please send this to erin cuz i
don't have her email - Stay Faithful and don't forget me!!!!! I love you!!!!
love molly

Letter Oct 8th!

NOTE: We signed up for Dear so we could write to Miss Molly her very first day. It's really nice if you haven't yet heard of it. Letters to the MTC are free. And they get them that day! So we write to her daily which is fun and as a missionary it's nice to hear from family on a daily basis.

"My dear sweet Family -
you will never know the comfort and joy getting a letter from you on day two brought me. First I will apologise for not looking back- I swear it was not a conscious effort or decision. I don't think I believed anyone would be there for me to see! I was simply focused first on not loosing my cookies and second on keeping myself convinced this was the right thing for me. I wish I could say I love the MTC But I can at least say I don't hate it. Needless to say its a tad overwhelming. I cannot believe it was only yesterday that I said goodbye to you- Waking up this morning seems like it was ages ago! There is a lot to learn and they keep us busy. My district is great- 5 Elders also going to San Bernardino and 4 sisters including myself, The three of them are going to San Jose. I don't know my companion very well yet but she is sweet and I think we will get along well. One of the sisters is shorter than Sara I think 4'7" and maybe 95lbs soaking wet. Our Zone Leaders are learning Cantonese to prepare for Hong Kong and have been here since Aug 12th, They will leave Oct 26th the day before us! I have a lot to learn from them. I saw Nick so so briefly the first day but couldn't chat at all:( just say Hi. I saw my friend Chase who is going to Riverside and I saw Alexis Redd. She is going to a visitors center and will be here until Tuesday. I also saw a boy I worked with over the summer who is teaching here. Oh I forgot to tell you our district leader is a Samoan from Australia - Sometimes he sounds one way and sometimes another:) Bah this is so hard. I keep thinking as I go about my day "I need to tell Mom that! I need to tell Sara! Or Erin would love this!" boo I can't. I was so grateful when Our Branch President said her would write to you tonight! I need to tell you thank you Dad for sharing that inspiration with me- I'm having an internal Battle with myself it goes something like this " I need to rely on Heavenly Father- he will provide for me" " But how the heck am I supposed to be successful and learned in 3 weeks?!" " It doesn't matter it will happen. But I don't think it can I'm so weak and bad at everything!" But I know you are much stronger than I and If Heavenly Father told you he'd watch over me I'm more inclined to believe. I hope I can try hard and give Heavenly Father the resources he needs to turn me into and effective servant. I can't see how I will survive but I have hope that I will. The sight of that badge on my dresser in the morning is a joy and putting it on is even better. I don't really know what I am doing yet and I don't know if I ever will but the one and only thing I do know is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. And Missionary work saves souls. " The field is not barren ready for planting, it is white ready for harvest" Bro Lovejoy(my teacher)
Thank you for your support and thinking of me, Here's to looking forward!:):)

I Love you
Sis. Molly

Friday, October 9, 2009


Well We dropped Molly off at the MTC on Wednesday October 7th! It was really bittersweet! We were there a total of 15minutes. (since they had to go and do away with the whole movie and such) :( That is with driving in, out and taking pictures. We all got out hugged and kissed her and watched her walk away with the elders that were escorting her and her luggage. The Elders were helping to direct traffic and take luggage But they wouldn't take a picture for us or even shake our hands. Wierdos. We Miss her!