Monday, October 19, 2009

Oct 14th!

NOTE: Molly can e-mail in the MTC but only to imediate family. so this was her e-mail last week. Sorry about how weird it is I just copied and pasted it.

Oh my dear dear family - how i miss you so - your letters have been so sweet
and all the other missionaries in my district are jealous because of all the
mail i get. i'm sorry if there are a lot of errors in this email - i had to
spend the first 6 minutes of my half hour setting up my email account- so
anywho - i hope you've received my letter by now, i sent you one like friday
maybe? but there was no mail on monday i know so...anyway....the mtc is
great - i'm working on not getting so stressed out when i have to teach or
what not - it's a struggle but i'm prayerfully trying very hard. the spirit
is so so strong here. the first few days i will admit i thought "what on
earth am i doing here???" but i'm happy to be here now. i was happy however,
and maybe erin can pass this on to peter, that i have my own scriptures with
me, the first night when we went to class and i opened my scriptures i had
the most comforting feeling because there was SOMETHING that wasn't
completely knew and was like a peice of the comforting home was
there with me. last night we had a devotional with one of the first quorum
of the seventy talking about how we need to use the book of mormon in our
teaching. it was amazing. everything is amazing, i don't always feel that
way while teaching or things like that - when our teachers say...we're going
to teach my heart starts pounding and i get a little queasy, but i know i
should be here. i know i can bless Heavenly Father's children with his
message. I hope that i can be humble enough for him to mold me into the
servant he needs. Anyway - i'm keeping the reminder from aunt mlynn that in
every temple in every session people are praying for us. thanks for letting
me come and do this. . . . . .. I've decided that no matter how cute the clothes are i'm going to
look like a sister's the tag.....but anyway - i love it. i'm
totally rambling because i speed typed the first part of this letter and i
have like 13 minutes left haha. i know that during my days i'm constantly
thinking of things i want to tell you all. but now i can't think of them. oh
i was goingto tell you mom - you were right about the robe - but i wouldn't
have used one of those big bathrobes - but to get from the bathroom to my
room it's kinda a hassel to get dressed while in the shower - some of the
sisters just have like gowns like sorta like the ones you wear on sunday
only thinner and not so long. i would ask you to send me one like that but i
think by the time it got to me i would be leaving and it would be pointless
haha. well...i'm excited to go to the temple today - i can't wait!!! oh i
guess i have to tell you about my district and such - my comp. sister barker
is great i'm learning so much from her. her and the two other sisters in my
district are going to san jose. sister mattei is shorter than i am and maybe
95 lbs soaking wet -and sister porter is the sweetest person ever - i could
listen to her talk about the gospel all day long. the 5 elders in my
district are all going to san bernarndino with moi. our district leader
elder aokuso is from austrailia, they're all so great and i'm learning so so
much from all of them and from our teachers. well. it's only been a week but
it seems like i'ts been a month - everyone said make it till sunday and it
will get better and they were right - it's the power of the
sabbath/sacrament. life is good. pray for me...maybe don't post this letter
on the blog cuz it's a bunch of nonesense. i love you all so much - the
gospel is true - Heavenly Father loves you even more and wants you to read
the book of mormon. i love love love you and i miss you and i think of you
- i got distracted last night thinking of haylee's sweet little cheeks and
how i wanted to kiss them...and then couldn't get to sleep. oh my gosh i have to go but i love
you so much i wish i could kiss and hug you , please send this to erin cuz i
don't have her email - Stay Faithful and don't forget me!!!!! I love you!!!!
love molly