Monday, October 19, 2009

Letter Oct 8th!

NOTE: We signed up for Dear so we could write to Miss Molly her very first day. It's really nice if you haven't yet heard of it. Letters to the MTC are free. And they get them that day! So we write to her daily which is fun and as a missionary it's nice to hear from family on a daily basis.

"My dear sweet Family -
you will never know the comfort and joy getting a letter from you on day two brought me. First I will apologise for not looking back- I swear it was not a conscious effort or decision. I don't think I believed anyone would be there for me to see! I was simply focused first on not loosing my cookies and second on keeping myself convinced this was the right thing for me. I wish I could say I love the MTC But I can at least say I don't hate it. Needless to say its a tad overwhelming. I cannot believe it was only yesterday that I said goodbye to you- Waking up this morning seems like it was ages ago! There is a lot to learn and they keep us busy. My district is great- 5 Elders also going to San Bernardino and 4 sisters including myself, The three of them are going to San Jose. I don't know my companion very well yet but she is sweet and I think we will get along well. One of the sisters is shorter than Sara I think 4'7" and maybe 95lbs soaking wet. Our Zone Leaders are learning Cantonese to prepare for Hong Kong and have been here since Aug 12th, They will leave Oct 26th the day before us! I have a lot to learn from them. I saw Nick so so briefly the first day but couldn't chat at all:( just say Hi. I saw my friend Chase who is going to Riverside and I saw Alexis Redd. She is going to a visitors center and will be here until Tuesday. I also saw a boy I worked with over the summer who is teaching here. Oh I forgot to tell you our district leader is a Samoan from Australia - Sometimes he sounds one way and sometimes another:) Bah this is so hard. I keep thinking as I go about my day "I need to tell Mom that! I need to tell Sara! Or Erin would love this!" boo I can't. I was so grateful when Our Branch President said her would write to you tonight! I need to tell you thank you Dad for sharing that inspiration with me- I'm having an internal Battle with myself it goes something like this " I need to rely on Heavenly Father- he will provide for me" " But how the heck am I supposed to be successful and learned in 3 weeks?!" " It doesn't matter it will happen. But I don't think it can I'm so weak and bad at everything!" But I know you are much stronger than I and If Heavenly Father told you he'd watch over me I'm more inclined to believe. I hope I can try hard and give Heavenly Father the resources he needs to turn me into and effective servant. I can't see how I will survive but I have hope that I will. The sight of that badge on my dresser in the morning is a joy and putting it on is even better. I don't really know what I am doing yet and I don't know if I ever will but the one and only thing I do know is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. And Missionary work saves souls. " The field is not barren ready for planting, it is white ready for harvest" Bro Lovejoy(my teacher)
Thank you for your support and thinking of me, Here's to looking forward!:):)

I Love you
Sis. Molly

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