Sunday, October 25, 2009

OCT 21st!

Hello! I got the package thank you so much i loved everything in it. the elders loved the cookies they said it kept them awake:) and the little bag those cookies came in will be perfect to hold my letters and such!! So . . . . . . .my companion went home. last week when we got here she said she was thinking of going home and then sunday rolled around and the spirit was so strong with everything and we had an inspiring talk about sticking it out and i think she then decided to stay - then last sunday she was fasting and she got a blessing from our branch president and i still thought everything was ok then on monday she said she had a meeting with our district president so we went to that then when she came out she said we have to wait here for a few minutes....i'm going home:(. i guess it's a good thing - she was unhappy here and it was frustrating because we weren't connecting and i didn't feel like we were progressing as we should because of it. so i'm in a threesome now with the other sisters in my district because luckily they are in my room as well. i love them to death and i'm glad i get to be with them . brother lovejoy - one of our teachers, pulled me aside after sister barker went home and was so nice - asked me how i was doing and stuff, it was precisely what i needed and i'm glad he is receptive enough to know that or i guess thoughtful enough to do that. he said he thinks i'm a phenomenol teacher and it blows his mind that i don't see that haha he also said he thinks this will be a good experience for me to be able to learn from someone else. i'm glad it's just hard getting used to i guess...i kinda feel like an intruder on their close relationship...but the lord will provide...this week was amazing. the weekend was all about joseph smith - in our district meeting (sunday school) everyone bore their testimony about the restoration and as one of the elders was talking i just had a flash in my mind and i could see myself sitting in someone's house bearing testimony of the book of mormon and them being like hey! ok ! then later than night we watched the joseph smith movie and i guess it's just the spirit that comes with this calling but seeing that movie - and all joseph smith did for our heavenly father's church makes missionary work look like easy peas!! i feel as if i am progressing - i feel much better than i did the first week so that's good - i DO love the mtc and i wish the time didn't go by so quickly:( just one more week and i'll be in cali :S eek!!! i've gotten so many compliments on my dresses everyone loves them . i really like my shoes they are easy but i keep rolling my ankle or something then i fall haha i'll be ok i think it's just the uneven pavement all over the place here. i love the feeling of the gospel just surrounding us. i love that it's not uncommon to walk down the hall and see a companionship praying or hear someone talking about how awesome they think the blessings of being a missionary is. this is kinda disjointed but back to my frustration of my companionship. on saturday - two days before she left - we were in the referral center - basically you get calls and chats from people who have questions and i was talking to this one person who was being really argumentative and didnt' want to talk to someone so young and then finally they just left, and i felt like such a doof - i just started crying- i was frustrated already and then i had borne my testimony sincerely and they just rejected it, my other teacher sister harris was so sweet and shared some very comforting scriptures with me, but still i felt so stupid. later in a meeting with our district leader he comforted me and said one time he got to go out with the missionaries for a day and it was so hard he biked home crying - i'm glad to know i'm not the only baby. anyway - that's about all i had to share - my district is great - the elders are so awesome i just love them all and i'm grateful i get to serve with them . i'm going to miss sister porter and mattei:( oh thank you for the memory card - i will send you mine but probably not till i get to cali:S i will try though.(this is when we will get pictures to post on the blog) oh yeah and laundry is free yea! i have to pay .50 for detergent but that's it. anyway i love you guys i love the gospel and my district and the mtc and i'm learning so much here it's insane. i never knew the Lord could bless me so much . i know it's because of your prayers and thoughts - tell erin i'm sending her a letter and sara as well. i would have hand written you one mom but i think you would have freaked if you didn't get something from me today - ok i loveyou . i can't say it enough - thank you for letting me come and do this - you'll never know how grateful i truly am. I love you. give dad a big hug for me. -sis. molly-

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