Friday, January 1, 2010

Dec 28

HOLA! song of the week is....ring out wild bells ...the weirdest song in the entire hymn book...dont' ask me how to sing it because i don't know and i failed miserably attempting to yesterday during sacrament. SO how was everyone's christmas?? good i hope...ours was pretty good we made some cute little cookies christmas eve and delivered them to some folks on christmas day...then we cleaned our house haha. cleaned your house? you might ask, yes i would answer but we like cleaned cleaned and cleaned some more. the stove the fridge mopped all the floors. the work here is really really slow and president wanted us to serve and do service...we have to clean the house and take care of the yard once a week anyway so we just did it that night so the other sisters in our house wouldn't have to worry about it. it was nice...kind of cathartic to be felt good to clean so much. i love cleaning haha. anyway, the rest of the week was pretty boring to be honest...we've spent a lot of time trying to visit less actives in our area that sister house has never met before. we've had Some success, not a lot though. so we're using a lot of miles and of course doing a lot of u-turns because i still have no idea where i'm going and it's harder yet during the nighttime. we're trying hard to revamp the area if you will...get the work moving and get the members excited and involved. i'm trying hard hard hard to be very patient...i know that the lord works in His own time. It makes me think of the sons of mosiah who were told to be patient in all their afflictions...we don't have to deal with afflictions of any sort like they did but when they were patient look at what happened!! thousands of souls brought to know Heavenly Father's great plan... i hope it doens't take 10+ years to bring success in this area but if it does, so be it i guess haha. well i'm sorry this is so      lah-may(lame) but we really didn't do anything very exciting this week. here's hoping for this week! woo!! everyone love your missionaries...those of you in utah, i know it's difficult but do it anyway :) just kidding. ok i love you all and hope you have the best new years ever!! love sister molly

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