Friday, January 1, 2010

Dec Letters and Christmas Phone call!

Dec 14 - No luck getting a letter from Molly because she said she had trouble with the computer it kept kicking her out of the email. She sent me one and asked that I type it up and post it. I opted out of that since it was a huge letter Just know she is doing well but ended up getting transfered to Apple Valley!

Dec 21 -
well this week has been lots of fun..i think haha.not really a ton to report on... one night we went out to dinner with two of the widows in our ward who just cracked me up and made me miss so dearly my beloved elderly friends at legacy house. anyway it was a buffet style place and while i was getting some food some man next to me smiled at me and then said i noticed your name tag..i'm brother so and so (i don't remember his name) anyway he asked me where i was serving and told me where he was from and then said do you know mitt romney and i said i'm from utah yes i do and he said i'm his uncle! his aunt is sitting over there..let me introduce you! haha i was laughing so hard inside...what a claim to fame...mitt romney's uncle haha, his wife was very nice and said she wished they would send sisters to victorville where they are. anyway that was really interesting...the next day we went to do service at this memeber's home that we usually do service for and guess what we had to do?? rake dirt ding ding ding haha it was yard work and i enjoyed it but it was just an interesting concept:) then on saturday when we did service at our own house what did we do? raked more dirt haha...that's what you have to do out here in the desert...rarely any grass but lots and lots and lots of dirt! well sister house and i decided that the work is just too darn slow in this area and something needed to be done about it so on her suggestion...we are "white washing" the area...looking at it as if both of us are new we don't know anything about it at all... we looked through the ward list and found like 40 less actives that sister house has yet to meet so i think we should be staying pretty busy...we don't have very many investigators which would be ideal to have instead of so many less actives but Heavenly Father will bless as we dilligently improve the area in things that we have control of...such as less actives:) i know that there are people in this place ready for the gospel...they just aren't ready to reveal themselves yet haha. so i think this week will be good:) i'm getting to know the area a little better but like the subject of this email mentions...i will forever remember apple valley as the land of u turns...and that isn't always the easiest thing to do in a chevy malibu! not a very compact turning radius haha. we went caroling as a zone on saturday which was so much fun! we got some people from the wards in the zone and just went. it was a lot of could really feel the spirit and everyone that opened the door just LOVED it... a bunch of older people that answered were just tickled pink, one lady was saying " oh just like the old days! you don't see carolers anymore!!" haha it was so much fun...i'm hoping maybe we can make those cookies you sent me and go caroling again on christmas...president wants us to get out and serve which i'm hoping we can find a lot of service to do...i know that is what will make this christmas so great:) there's a quote in preach my gospel that i should know who it's by and where it's at but i donn't ..somwhere around 119 maybe...anyway it says that the cure for homesickness is WORK WORK WORK. i knwo that's true...well all my beloved loved ones:) im sorry this is so short...maybe you aren't haha really not a lot happened this week. but a lot is happening THIS WEEK!! yay Christmas...Yay celebrating the birth of our savior and redeemer Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father will bless us when we remember this miraculous event not only this week but throughout our lives and when we do so we will become more like our amazing brother who sacrificed Himself for our sakes. I hope everyone's christmas is so so  great. thank you all for all your well wishes and gifts:) i love you all so sister molly

Christmas Day! -

We were skyping my Mom, Dad and Erin in California opening presents and waiting for Molly's call. When the phone rang Erin answered and of course let out a giant squeel with delight. For about 15 mins we tried to figure out the nest way for everyone to hear molly properly and we eventually did Thanks Dad! so with that Molly told us about her area's her companions and how much she missed Fontana (her first area) But that she was getting used to Apple Valley. She did tell us she had a small break down in her Interview with Pres. Sanchez because the work is so slow in Apple Valley and the members all joke that "people come to the desert to hide!" Molly says " Well they're doing a good job!"   We've given a few suggestions as to what she can do to help get the members more invovled so if any of you have some send her a letter anything with help! She told us about her current companion Sis House (from Virginia) Pete and I just chuckled what a small world even tho we dont know her.  She seemed happy and grateful for the call we were only able to speak with her for about an hour and a half so things were quick. She is grateful for all the letters and emails and packages and of course says Keep em comin!  She is surprised at how cold California can be and boasted to Mom and Dad that it is windier there in Apple Valley than in Palmdale. :) She asked us to give a shout out to her friends and thanks you all for not coming to talk with her event though Erin and I tried to get a hold of you! She is staying faithful she just kept telling us that she "knows there are people here (apple valley) who are ready to hear the gospel but where are they?" I tired to console her and let her know that things will happen and that she is doin a great job and to keep it up!  When our time was up we all yelled our I LOVE YOU's to her and Goodbyes were soft until next time! Bitter Sweet those Missionary Calls!

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